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It is possible to solve problems such as crooked teeth, crooked teeth and split teeth with orthodontic treatment, while preserving the health of your own teeth. 

Implants applied in the treatment of conditions such as missing teeth, lost teeth and edentulous jaws are screw teeth that imitate the root of the tooth.

In order to regulate the appearance and color of the teeth, treatments such as teeth whitening, zirconium teeth, leaf porcelain are used.

It has been serving in the field of Implant Dental Treatments with its experienced physician staff for more than 20 years. Tooth deficiencies can greatly affect the comfort of life. Implant dental treatments are treatment solutions that can best imitate the structure of natural teeth and restore the lost pleasure of eating and aesthetic smile.

Zirconium provides services in the field of dentistry with its technological infrastructure and rapid treatment solutions. Zirconium dental veneers are one of the aesthetic treatment solutions that have gained popularity in dentistry in recent years. Due to its superior resemblance to the natural tooth structure, zirconium teeth are widely used in digital dentistry.

Teeth Whitening treatment is one of the most sought-after aesthetic dentistry applications recently. Oral hygiene is first checked in patients who apply to the clinic with the complaint of yellowing or discoloration of the teeth. Two different methods can be used as office bleaching and home bleaching. With teeth whitening applications, 1-2 tons of tooth bleaching can be achieved.

Orthodontic Treatment is the only way to achieve aesthetic and healthy smiles with your own teeth. Braces treatment is one of the ancient methods used to straighten teeth for many years. It is still the most widely used orthodontic treatment method in the world. Today, there are modern treatment methods such as custom-made transparent plaques and wireless orthodontics. This treatment method, called invisible orthodontics or wireless orthodontics, is often preferred as the most aesthetic and comfortable method.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction is a procedure that almost everyone is curious about. Wisdom teeth can be placed in the mouth without any problems and can remain embedded in the jawbone. Being in an inaccessible area brings with it various problems.

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Akademya Nevşehir Dental Polyclinic started its service in 2014. It is located on Vefa Küçük Caddesi, one of the lively streets of Nevşehir. Dentists, who have been serving in the field of dental treatment in Nevşehir since 1989, aimed to continue serving our people in a better quality and decent environment. Our outpatient clinic, which is the first in Nevşehir Dental Hospital format, has years of experience and Ttechnological – Eaesthetic – Sstarted with the understanding of service. Nevsehir Dental Akademya Digital Dentistry with the support of Three-Dimensional Imaging (Dental Tomography) in the Polyclinic, Tooth Bleaching, Implant Teeth, Wisdom Tooth Extraction, Cosmetic Dentistry, Smile Design, Zirconium Veneers ve Wireless Orthodontics Contemporary treatment methods such as