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What are the Unexpected Situations in Orthodontic Treatment with Transparent Plaque?


In situations that require urgent intervention by your doctor in the treatment of wireless orthodontics RARELY is encountered. Most of the time, you can intervene in the mishaps yourself and inform your doctor about the situation at the next appointment date.

Aşağıda in clear plaque treatments some unexpected situations and what to do are explained;

Pressure - Squeeze - I Feel Pain

During orthodontic treatment with transparent aligners, a feeling of pressure and related discomfort may occur. Considering the movement of the teeth in the bone, this is a natural part of the treatment process. To braces treatment Pain intensity is much lower in transparent plaques. You are likely to experience discomfort on the first days of your treatment or the first day of each new plaque. Changing the transition periods to the new record to night hours and the first hours of the new record asleep It will help keep the feeling of discomfort to a minimum. Again, with the recommendation of your doctor, you can use a low dose pain relievers It will allow you to have a comfortable treatment process. 

I Can't Remove Transparent Plates?

With transparent plaques wireless orthodontics In the first days of treatment, it may be difficult for plaque to sit on the teeth or be removed. This situation is due to the hard structure of the plate in the first days, and it is generally seen as a result of treating the plates delicately. There is no need to hesitate when applying extractive forces to the clear plates. Breakage or damage of plates by removal forces çok is power. The important point here is to start the removal by applying force from both sides of the chin and from back to front. 

Transparent Plates Disappeared

One of the situations that can often happen to us in our daily life is the loss of one or more plaques. If the bottom-upper clear plate set that you actively use is lost, immediately previous record Please continue to use and contact us. In general, moving to the next record will be enough to save the situation. However, if the next records are lost, the records need to be re-ordered, in this case, you should contact us without wasting time. 

Transparent Plates Broken

During our treatment, a set of clear plates is usually 7-10 days We change it after use. This period is a short time for the plaques to break down by mechanical weakening. If your plates are broken before 7-10 days, we recommend that you contact us. 

Transparent Plates Don't Sit - Doesn't Set

It is very difficult for a clear aligner set to become completely mismatched to the mouth. In such a situation, the treatment may be interrupted for a long time or an attempt may be made to insert advanced plaques instead of the next plaque number.

The incompatibility situation that we frequently encounter is that a certain area of ​​the plate does not fit well enough and it shows stretching in that area. In this case, the first possibility that should come to our mind is that one edge of the plate is bent inward. Inspect all edges by removing the clear plates. kontrol it will be helpful to you. If there is no curl and the plates do not fit well enough, we recommend contacting us. 

Attachment Dropped or Broken

Temporary aesthetic filling pieces that we stick on the teeth so that the plates can better adhere to the teeth and apply force in the orthodontic treatments with the transparent aligner.attachment” is given the name. attachments during treatment criticism deficiencies can adversely affect treatment. For this reason, we recommend that you contact us when you notice the lack of any attachment.


Transparent Plates Are Coloring

Orthodontic Treatment We usually use a set of clear platters for 7-10 days and move on to the next set of platters. This time is sufficient for the plates to maintain their transparent and bright appearance. In wireless orthodontics, drinking cold beverages 1-2 times a day while the transparent plaques are in the mouth will not have a negative effect on the appearance of the plaques. However, consumption of hot drinks, eating with records and heavy smoking/tobacco consumption are unfortunately rapidly increasing in records. color change can create. In addition, 2 times a day, in the morning and evening, to maintain the transparent and bright appearance of the plaques. brushing of plaque must not be forgotten. 

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