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Teeth cleaning ensures that the mouth and tooth structures remain healthy for many years. Tartar consists of food residues and bacteria. If this structure is not cleaned at regular intervals, it causes gum disease.

Gum recession is a gingival disease seen in most of the society. The main reason is usually inadequate tooth cleaning and hard brushing practices.

Gum bleeding is an important symptom of oral and dental disease. The gingiva becomes inflamed and sensitive and bleeding may occur with contact. It is necessary to intervene without neglect.

Gum surgery is performed to regulate deformities, missing or excess gingival tissue.

An aesthetic and healthy smile can be achieved not only by arranging the teeth, but also by arranging the gingiva. Pink aesthetic applications include the regulation of disorders such as asymmetrical gingiva.

Tongue tie and lip tie are anatomical natural formations. In some cases, longer than expected may cause functional and aesthetic disorders. It is possible to remove these tissue bonds with simple interventions.

Excessive appearance of the gums while smiling can cause an unaesthetic situation. This appearance, which is usually of genetic origin, can be corrected with various gingival operations.