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Implant Dental Treatments

Dental implants are the most robust and functional way to replace lost teeth. Acting as an artificial tooth root, it stimulates the jawbone and prevents time-related bone loss.

Teeth lost with implant treatment in 1 day can be replaced quickly. Since the time spent without teeth is eliminated, a quick return to daily life is ensured.

Since the gingiva is not cut in seamless implant operations, there is no need for stitches. A rapid healing process begins in the jawbone and gingival area where the implant is applied.

All on 4 implant treatments make it possible to make fixed teeth in completely edentulous jaws. 

The jawbones, which remain toothless for a long time, become thinner over time and become insufficient for dental implant applications. Bone powder additions to be made during or before implant surgery in weak jaw bones allow to regenerate bone tissue.

In cases where teeth will be lost due to caries, fractures or unsuccessful root canal treatment, implant treatments can be applied immediately and the implant can be placed in the cavity formed as a result of tooth extraction.

In cases of insufficient bone in the posterior maxilla, sinus lift operations can be applied for bone recovery. Thanks to Sinus Lift treatments, sufficient bone tissue can be created for the implant.

Thanks to three-dimensional dental tomography and computerized planning software, the area and angle where the implant teeth will be placed in the jawbone can be determined exactly.

In various medical disorders that affect bone healing and the immune system, some adjustments need to be made during dental implant applications. 

Periimplantitis is an important disease that occurs as a result of inflammation of the bone and gingival tissue around the implant. It is necessary to provide hygiene around the implant with the use of regular tooth brushing, dental floss and interface brush.

Implant supported dental prostheses have various alternatives that can be produced as fixed teeth or removable teeth. They provide the aesthetic and grinding function of the implants screwed on the jaws.