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Dental Implants in a Day

implant in 1 day

What is Implant Treatment in One Day?

One-day implant treatment is a rapid dental implant treatment to compensate for tooth loss. In this treatment method, dental implants are placed in a single session and patients have their new teeth on the same day. In summary, this technique is faster and takes less time than other dental implant treatments.

How is Implant Treatment Applied in One Day?

In 1 day, the implant is performed under local anesthesia like other dental implant surgeries. In the first stage of the treatment, the gums are cut and the implants are screwed into the jawbone. Next, the implants are fixed in place and the temporary teeth are attached. After the healing process, the temporary teeth are replaced with permanent teeth.

What are the Advantages of Dental Implant Application in 1 Day?

  • Faster than traditional dental implant treatments
  • Provides an effective solution without a toothless day
  • Does not cause discomfort in addition to traditional implant surgeries
  • Provides quick solutions for dental aesthetics
  • Provides longer lasting results than dental treatments such as veneers and bridges

What are the Prices of Dis Implant Procedure in One Day?

Implant treatment fees in 1 day depend on many factors. Among these factors; There are number of implants to be applied, brand and dentist fees. 

Success Rate of Implant Dental Treatment in 1 Day

The success rate of implant treatments depends on the correct placement of the implants in the bone and the correct care by the patients. Often, the success rate of implant treatment in one day is in the range of 90-95%.

What are the Differences between Implant and Implant in One Day?

Immediate implant and one day implant treatments have similar processes.

Both treatments are used for immediate implant placement in case of tooth loss. Immediate implant is the placement of the implant in the same session after tooth extraction. If the patient's condition allows, temporary teeth can be made or the implants are covered with the gingiva in order to fuse them to the bone and the waiting period is entered.

Implant in 1 day is actually synonymous with immediate dental treatment. After examining the suitability of the patient, fixed teeth can be made immediately on the implants placed. It can be applied if the bone level and gingival thickness are sufficient in the tooth areas lost in the past. In addition, in cases where there are teeth that need to be extracted, it can also be applied after tooth extraction.

Frequently Asked Questions About Implant in One Day

Since local anesthesia is applied, patients usually do not feel any pain or discomfort. As with any surgical procedure, it is normal to experience mild pain or swelling after treatment.

Most patients with tooth loss can be implanted in one day. However, there are some requirements for the implementation of the treatment. Patients should have good oral and dental health, sufficient amount of jawbone and sufficient space for screwing the implants.  One-day implant treatment cannot be applied to pregnant or lactating women, patients with certain general health problems, and patients using certain medications.

One day implant method is a permanent solution. Implants can last for many years if they fuse well with the jawbone. However, in order for the implants to be successful and long-lasting, it is important to visit the dentist regularly, brushing, flossing and performing regular oral care.

Generally, 7-10 days are expected for the gums to heal after tooth extraction. However, it can be done in the same session with tooth extraction, as in the immediate implant treatment.

It is faster than standard dental implant treatments. It can usually be completed in the same day, sometimes it may take 2-3 days. However, the duration may vary depending on factors such as the number of implants, the complexity of the tooth structure and the general health status of the patient.

The maintenance procedure is similar in all implant applications. To ensure proper placement and healing of implants, patients must follow the instructions given by their dentist correctly. These instructions are mostly about eating right, brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups.

While the solutions that are usually applied in cases of tooth loss may be temporary solutions such as bridges or veneers, one day implant treatment is a long-term solution. In addition, implant treatment in one day provides a more natural appearance and helps patients regain their aesthetic smiles.

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