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Tooth extraction is the last decision to be taken for a tooth. The first aim is always to restore the health of the female. If it is necessary to extract a tooth as a last resort, it is necessary to perform the procedures that will cause the least trauma to the surrounding tissues such as bone and gingiva during tooth extraction. If the infrastructure that will provide bone formation from the extracted tooth cavity is created, it may be possible to implant teeth in this area in the future.

Wisdom teeth are mostly located in the bone and can be covered by the gums and remain embedded. Wisdom tooth extraction may require surgical procedures and it is possible to experience difficulty in mouth opening, swelling and pain after extraction. 


Root tip cysts usually occur due to different anatomical variations of the tooth roots. Long-standing caries or micro-channels that cannot be reached by root canal treatment may cause cyst formation. Root tip cysts can be treated with a surgical procedure called apical resection.

Tooth cysts can be caused by caries or can occur in any part of the jaw for an unknown reason. For cyst treatment, a detailed examination with three-dimensional dental tomography (CBCT) and clinical examination should be made.

Impacted teeth are teeth that have not taken their place in the mouth for many different reasons. Mostly, wisdom teeth that are not suitable for the jaw structure remain impacted. Rarely, anterior teeth may remain impacted.