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Orthodontic Treatments

The most used method for crooked teeth, crooked teeth, crooked teeth and intermittent teeth treatments is braces treatment. Metal braces are often used in orthodontic treatments for tooth correction.

Transparent plaques are used in invisible orthodontic treatments due to their aesthetic and comfort advantages. Invisible orthodontics is a wireless orthodontic method applied as a modern alternative to braces.

Orthero treatment is the most preferred invisible orthodontic method in Turkey. It is a wireless orthodontic technique that is planned in the digital environment and applied with transparent plaques that are specially produced. 

Invisalign treatment is an American origin invisible orthodontic brand that is widely used in the world. It is a wireless orthodontic treatment in which artificial intelligence supported planning and personalized transparent plaques are used.

Orthodontic treatments with transparent aligners, which are produced as an aesthetic and comfortable alternative to braces, are called orthodontics without wires. It is an Invisible Orthodontic treatment that uses custom-made plaques and aesthetic holders.

Transparent aligners are the most up-to-date orthodontic treatment option with the support of digital planning infrastructure and artificial intelligence. Although it is actually a wireless orthodontic technique, it is also called silicone braces or plastic mouthpiece. Personalized plaques provide high aesthetics and a faster treatment. The best part is it's almost invisible!

As with all dental treatments, early diagnosis is important for tooth correction. Orthodontic treatments to be applied in children aim to both straighten the teeth and straighten the jaws.

Orthodontic treatment has no age. Tooth correction treatments can be applied to individuals of all ages who have good oral hygiene and have good gum and bone health. Transparent plaques are often preferred in adults due to aesthetic concerns.

Orthodontic treatment aims to bring the jaws to a healthy position as well as straightening the teeth. Jaw size mismatches, asymmetries and closing disorders can be treated with different methods according to age.

Jaw surgery is required for jaw disorders that are not treated in childhood or youth. Orthognathic surgery allows treatments that will have positive effects on the external appearance of individuals.

One of the biggest problems of modern man is clenching and jaw joint diseases. The distortion, curvature and bite disorders seen in the teeth directly affect the jaw joint. For a healthy sleep and a quality life, jaw joint problems need to be resolved.

In cases of jaw joint diseases, it is necessary to restore the health of the joint before correcting the tooth row. Joint-priority orthodontic treatments first aim to move the joint to a comfortable position with appliances such as splints. Tooth correction treatments can be applied after joint stability is achieved.