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Milk teeth are temporary teeth that function from infancy to adolescence. Due to its aesthetic and functional properties, it is at least as important as permanent teeth, and primary tooth treatments must be done completely.

The first dental examination in children should begin with the eruption of a tooth. Getting used to oral hygiene practices and regular check-ups from infancy paves the way for lifelong dental health.

Dental trauma in children can cause more important consequences than is thought. Generally, teeth damaged by impact should be intervened under the control of a dentist.

Preventive dentistry aims to take precautions while teeth are healthy and especially to strengthen tooth enamel. Timely preventive applications help keep teeth healthy for a long time.

Tooth placeholder applications are mostly done to protect the cavity formed as a result of early loss of primary teeth. It is very important to maintain this space for the permanent tooth that will come out and to follow it at regular intervals.

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