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Dental Traumas in Children

child dental trauma

Causes of Dental Trauma in Children

  1. Accidents or falls
  2. sports-related injury
  3. Eating crunchy or hard foods
  4. squeezing or clenching
  5. Tooth decay and poor dental care

Dental Injuries in Children

  1. Pain or discomfort in or around the tooth
  2. swollen or bruised gums or surrounding tissues
  3. tooth discoloration 
  4. Cold or hot temperature sensitivity
  5. Displaced or loose teeth

What are Pediatric Emergency Dental Treatments?

  1. Broken or fragmented teeth can be repaired with fillings or veneers.
  2. Root canal treatment or extraction is recommended for more serious wounds or disruptions.
  3. Placeholders are used to stabilize crooked teeth
  4. Antibiotics or pain relievers are prescribed to relieve pain or stop infection

How to Prevent Dental Trauma in Children?

  1. Encouraging children to wear protective gear while playing sports and exercising
  2. Educating children about good oral hygiene practices and the importance of frequent dental checkups
  3. avoiding crunchy or hard foods as they can damage the teeth
  4. Treating underlying dental problems such as tooth decay or alignment problems

Frequently Asked Questions About Child Dental Traumas

Tooth fractures in children; It can occur with slipping, tripping or falling, sports-related injuries, biting on something crunchy or hard, clenching or grinding your teeth, poor oral hygiene, and tooth decay.

Pain or discomfort in the damaged tooth or area, swelling or bruising of the gums or surrounding tissues, tooth discoloration or chipping, sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, and loose or missing teeth are all signs of dental trauma in children.

The severity of the injury will determine the course of pediatric dental trauma treatment. Tooth bonding or fillings to fix chipped or broken teeth, root canal treatment or extractions for more serious wounds or cavities, splints or placeholders to fix loose teeth, and antibiotics or pain relievers to control discomfort or stop infection are some of the common treatment options.

The best way to protect children from oral trauma is to take precautions. Parents can encourage their children to wear protective equipment while participating in sports and physical activities, instill in them good brushing, schedule routine dental checkups, and advise them to avoid hard or crunchy foods as they can damage their teeth. They can also address underlying dental issues such as a rotten or crooked tooth.

If your baby has dental injuries, it is very important to ask for an appointment with a dentist. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may need emergency dental treatment.

If the impacted tooth is completely dislodged, it should be urgently taken to the dentist in milk or water. It can also be wrapped in clean, wet cotton, but should not be left dry. If the impacted tooth is broken and its part is found, it can be repaired together with the part. Mostly impacted teeth lose their vitality over time and the need for root canal treatment occurs.

A tooth damaged by a physical force cannot repair itself. It is absolutely necessary to examine the effects of this trauma in detail with a professional dental examination. Sensitization or aesthetic filling applications can be made for broken or cracked teeth. 

Depending on the severity of the trauma, it is normal for the affected tooth to shake. Most of the time, loose teeth cannot repair themselves and may need to be fixed with the intervention of a dentist. It is important to see a dentist as soon as possible after primary tooth trauma.

Color change in the affected tooth may be a sign that this tooth has lost its vitality. Blood flow is interrupted temporarily or permanently in violent teeth. In this process, which is seen as a response of the body to trauma, the tooth gradually loses its vitality. Discoloration can be seen in a dead tooth, and this discoloration can be prevented with timely intervention. Teeth whitening treatment is necessary to restore discolored teeth.

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