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Orthodontics with Transparent Plates

Wireless orthodontics with clear aligners

Wireless Orthodontic Treatments and Transparent Plaques

Transparent plaques are serial removable treatment tools that are produced specifically for the person over the treatment plan designed in a digital environment. It provides high aesthetics and is difficult to notice. Treatment provides more predictable results in digital orthodontic planning. All treatment steps can be seen in advance and shared via online systems. Almost all problems such as crooked teeth, split teeth, crooked teeth or missing teeth can be solved with transparent aligners. 


Since the treatment plan is clearly defined with clear plates, the control intervals can be kept long. Flexible treatment plan is often preferred by patients living abroad who have difficulty in coming to appointments due to work or school schedule. Thanks to digital orthodontic planning, more than one tooth can be moved at the same time, thus shortening the total treatment time. The frequency and total duration of control appointments are less in clear aligners. 


Transparent plates provide ease of cleaning as well as aesthetic appearance. As in braces treatment, there are no brackets that cause food accumulation on the teeth, only retaining aesthetic filling pieces are placed. The rate of food accumulation after meals is similar to normal teeth and is easily cleaned by brushing. Since there are no protruding parts such as brackets on the teeth, the possibility of irritation and pain is almost absent. Again, there are no risks such as breakage of brackets and disruption of treatment, which are often seen in braces treatment.


There is no restriction on eating and drinking in clear plaque treatments. At mealtime, plaque is temporarily removed and nutrients are consumed freely. For drinks, you don't even need to remove the plate most of the time. In scientific studies, gingival disorders and tooth discoloration have been encountered much less frequently in transparent plaques compared to braces treatment. 


Transparent plaques do not create any obstacles in social life thanks to their completely invisible structure, allowing you to continue your treatment comfortably on your special days. If desired, a break can be made on special days such as weddings, business dinners, graduations and invitations. Eating and drinking can be provided comfortably without the plates being attached. 

What are the Advantages of Transparent Plaque Treatments?

  • Aesthetic look 
  • Easy to use
  • Short treatment time
  • A comfortable, pain and irritation-free treatment
  • Freedom to eat and drink
  • Predictable treatment result supported by artificial intelligence
  • Digital orthodontic planning

Which is the Most Preferred Transparent Plaque Brand?

Clear aligner treatments were first invented in the United States and have been used in orthodontic treatments since 1999. It has been actively used in our country after 2015. There are numerous companies working on clear aligner treatments in the European and American markets. In recent years, the most American-made Invisalign and domestic production Orthero companies have come to the fore in our country. 

As in every treatment method, the important thing here is correct diagnosis and personalized treatment planning. In digital orthodontic methods, your doctor can inform you in detail about the appropriate treatment plan after the necessary x-ray and oral examination. 

invisalign clear plate

Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign is an American brand of clear aligner manufactured by Align Technology. This treatment system has been used in the treatment of an average of 2023 million patients as of 12. In 1998, it was approved by the American Food and Drug Codex (FDA) to be harmless to human health and started to treat patients since 1999. Since then, around 100.000 dentists around the world have started to use this treatment system. 

Invisalign is the system with the most advanced artificial intelligence infrastructure in the field of orthodontic treatment with transparent aligners. Customer service, software development and administration are handled at Align Technology's headquarters in California. The artificial intelligence-supported digital treatment plan is made in Costa Rica, available for review by orthodontists via the online portal. Plates of approved patients are produced and shipped from the manufacturing center in Mexico. Thus, the quality standardization of Invisalign aligners is ensured all over the world. 

Invisalign treatment is applied only by orthodontists in Turkey. Physicians who will apply this treatment must complete the certification program conducted by Align Technology. 

orthero clear plate

Orthero Treatment

Orthero is a Turkish-made transparent record brand developed by young engineers graduated from Istanbul Technical University. It was established in 2014 in ITU Teknokent, which is the largest in Europe and the 3rd in the world. Orthero has been entitled to nine different TUBITAK R&D projects since its establishment. It has become a global company serving in 2016 countries and 18 different languages ​​by opening to the foreign market with the large investments it has received in 14. 

Orthero also has a share in the field of Health Tourism, one of Turkey's biggest breakthroughs in recent years. It increases its brand awareness by working with doctors who provide services to foreign patients from 40 different countries. 

Treatment Process with Transparent Plates

  1. Although the duration of treatment in orthodontics with transparent aligners varies according to the condition of the teeth, results can be obtained in a short period of 4-6 months in cases of mild and moderate disorders. In more complex cases, average treatment times of 12-24 months are in question. The frequency of control appointments can be adjusted according to the need for treatment, as well as easily stretched according to your work or school life. In general, control intervals in clear plates vary, being every 4-12 weeks.
  2. Before the orthodontic treatment begins, the existing caries and tartar in the mouth should be cleaned. Wisdom tooth extractions can be planned before treatment. For transparent plaques, no action should be taken on the teeth after the mouth measurement is taken. Since personal sensitive production is made, plaques will be produced according to existing tooth forms. Processes such as veneer teeth or implant teeth can be performed after orthodontic treatment.
  3. Digital intraoral measurements and photographic recordings taken from the patients in the treatment of wireless orthodontics with transparent aligners reach the manufacturer within the same day. The preparation of a personalized treatment plan, the production and shipping of clear aligners takes approximately 4-6 weeks.
  4. After the transparent plaques arrive at the clinic, the attachment pieces (protrusions consisting of aesthetic and tooth-colored filling material) that provide tooth movement are adhered on the teeth at the initial appointment. If necessary, minimal filings can also be done in the initial session to save space between crooked teeth. Then, the transparent plaques that will be required until the planned second appointment are delivered.
  5. In the first days of wireless orthodontic treatment with transparent aligners, you will feel a slight squeezing or pressure force on the teeth. This feeling is the result of the forces that provide the tooth movement and the habituation takes place in a short time.
  6. In some complex dental situations, the use of elastic may be required to correct the closing relations of the jaws. In addition, the use of orthodontic mini screws is among the alternatives in challenging cases.
  7. If you lose your transparent plate, you should switch to the previous set of plates and contact your doctor.
  8. After the wire-free orthodontic treatment is over, Reinforcement Treatment is applied in order to maintain the current position of the teeth and prevent them from returning, as in all orthodontic dental treatments. For this, Protective Plates and Protective Wires to be used at night are used. 
  9. In order to be able to treat clear aligners with Invisalign, physicians must go through a special certification process created by the company, even if they are orthodontists. 
  10. Planning in transparent plaque treatments is made individually by the physician. For a correct and permanent treatment result, treatment must be performed by an Orthodontist Specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions About Clear Plaque Treatments

Wire-free orthodontics, made with transparent aligners, is a type of treatment that allows the teeth to be moved to their correct positions by slightly moving them. In this method, specially designed clear aligners called dentures are used and each aligner is worn for about 7-10 days until it is replaced with the next aligner.

It starts with the attachment of special plaques prepared by the orthodontist to the teeth. These plates have small retainers that help the teeth move, and the treatment progresses by replacing the plates in sequence. You can progress by changing the expired record yourself, it is not necessary to come to the control for every record.

Wireless orthodontics with transparent plaques usually lasts between 6 months and 2 years, depending on the treatment needs.

Transparent aligners are painless as they do not contain braces, but a slight pressure may be felt while moving the teeth. This pressure is caused by the force for tooth movement. You get used to this situation in a short time.

It is as successful as all other tooth correction treatments with clear aligners. However, the success of the treatment primarily depends on the patient's adherence to the treatment.

Invisible orthodontic treatment can be more expensive than other orthodontic treatments. However, it should not be forgotten that aesthetics and speed are purchased for these prices. It is the most comfortable treatment method that can be preferred to have a beautiful smile with your own teeth.

Invisible orthodontic treatment with clear aligners may not be suitable for everyone, depending on oral hygiene and the difficulty of treatment. It is recommended to consult an orthodontist to determine whether the treatment is appropriate.

The duration of treatment varies according to the condition of the teeth. Average treatment ranges from 4 to 24 months. Control frequencies can be adjusted according to the planning of the case, routine appointments are organized to be every 4-10 weeks.

Orthero treatment is very effective for the healthy and aesthetic alignment of the teeth. It is used in clinical routine without any difference from other orthodontic treatment tools. However, the success of the treatment is directly related to the care shown by the patient to the treatment.

Although the duration of treatment varies according to the case, it is shorter in cases with mild, moderate crowding, interdental spaces and tooth extraction planned.

Any case suitable for aesthetic orthodontic treatment with transparent aligners can be treated with Orthero. 

Before measuring for treatment, all caries must be repaired and dental cleaning must be completed. In most cases, extraction of wisdom teeth is preferred before treatment. After the digital impression is taken, no action should be taken on the teeth.

In some difficult cases, tires that can be put on and taken off at night can be used to support tooth movements.

It is recommended that you switch from the transparent plate you actively use to the previous one, and contact your physician.

In the treatment of clear plaque with Orthero, the condition of the teeth in the mouth is recorded with a digital measuring device. Afterwards, there is a three-dimensional planning process carried out by the orthodontist. After the planning process, the records are produced and shipped at the production facility of Istanbul Technical University Technopolis. At the initial appointment, retaining aesthetic filling pieces (attachments) are adhered to the teeth and active treatment begins with the first plaques.

After the invisible orthodontic treatment is finished, as in all other orthodontic methods, very thin retainers (retainers) are made to the inner side of the teeth in order to ensure the permanence of the treatment. It is recommended to keep this protector in your mouth at all times.

In order to perform Invisalign treatment, physicians must first obtain a certificate. The treatment plan in Invisalign is made by the physician. In order to obtain proper and correct results in the treatment, the treatment must be performed by a specialist physician.

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